Dibble Pool Game

Created By: Colleen and Giuliana

Welcome to Dibble!!!

We are two twelve year old girls from Denville NJ, who decided to make a fun and easy out door pool game.

Dibble is the hide & seek of pool games !!!

One day we were playing by Giuliana's pool and wanted to play Dibble with a water bottle cap. When all of a sudden Giuliana's dad said, girls what are you doing? We told him we were playing Dibble. He said no way you two are playing with that water bottle cap , that will break my filter if that water cap gets stuck in the pool filter!!!

Giuliana and I were really bummed. So at that moment Giuliana and I decided we are going to create a Dibble game that everyone can play and not have to worry about your pool filter :-)

Here is how you play :

Dibble” is an easy simple game for all ages that can swim and go underwater to get the dibble pack.

Dibble is the hide and seek of pool games. 

We recommend this fun game for everyone.

There is no limit to how many people can play. There is only one rule we expect everyone to follow, and it’s to have fun!!!

Step 1:

Among the people that you are playing with pick one person to go into the water and hide the dibble pack. Make sure you hide it under the water where it touches the bottom of the pool so it can gradually rise up to the top.

Step 2: When the person is hiding the dibble pack everyone must face the other way or close their eyes so they can’t see where the dibble pack is being hidden. While the person is hiding the dibble pack everyone has to be out of the pool.

Step 3: After the person who hides the dibble pack yells “I’m done” and is fully out of the pool everyone should turn around and begin their search for the dibble pack.

Step 4: Finally, at some point while everyone is searching for someone will find it. When you find it you have to say “Dibble” and jump in the pool and grab it. If you don’t succeed in grabbing it you must get out of the pool and give it another try.

We really hope you enjoy this game and love it as much as we do!


Do NOT open the dibble pack, it has toxic chemicals that will ruin the fun!

Do NOT leave the pack laying in the sun or else it will overheat!


*Make sure once you are done playing to put Dibble away so pets and babies do not attempt to eat or chew on it.


How we Started

We are two twelve year old girls who thought of this amazing pool game idea as we were sitting by the pool on a hot summer day. We usually play with a water bottle cap but Giuliana's dad told us that would break his filter. So we created Dibble !! We really want kids to enjoy thier summer and be outside playing Dibble rather than being stuck inside on technology.

Most important rule is just have SO much fun with Dibble!!!

-Colleen and Giuliana


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